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Our Forte is to recover wealth in the form of Shares and Dividends lying unclaimed due to long passage of time while these were issued as physical certificates. Millions of stock market investors had put in their hard earned money in shares in the last many decades and have either forgotten about such investments or they are lost. We provide comprehensive expertise in recovering such shares in digitized form in your demat accounts from the Companies without the hassle of collating and safeguarding physical certificates.


More than 70 crore shares have been transferred to the IEPF Authority of the Government of India worth more than 21000 crores. This has happened pursuant to a change in the Companies Act 2013 whereby any investor who has not claimed his dividends for a period of 7 years continuously, the underlying shares have been transferred to the IEPF. K’Bros Finserv Associates has been a pioneer in recovering multiple CRORES worth of shares from the IEPFA. Dealing with the bureaucracy isn’t easy in India but our widely renowned professionals have resolved IEPF Claims in even utmost technical scenarios.


Due to the rising claims for the insurance companies and lack of proper documentations legitimate Insurance Claims are denied.

        Our Team of experts are specailised to recover false fictious claim denails not limited only to insurance, banking, Airlines, Hotels, Hospitals etc.

 We stand strong by your side getting your legitimate claims.


SEBI – the regulatory authority governing stock markets in India has barred the transfer of physical shares in turn making them illiquid. Demat of physical share certificates is paramount to sale or purchase shares in India. A demat account is like a bank account for your shares which contains shares in digitized format reflecting the number of shares. Also, it offers the sale or purchase of shares in a click rather than preparing multiple documents and signing transfer deeds which are prone to misuse or getting lost. K’Bros Finserv Associates has tie-ups with leading Banks and Broking houses to open a Demat Account with minimum hassle.


Passing of investments from a deceased to the legal heirs is governed by various laws such as Hindu Succession Act, Indian Succession Act etc. If a person dies after leaving a Will, it is termed as Testate Succession. However, if a person passes away without leaving a Will, it is called intestate succession. K’Bros Finserv Associates offers expert legal services for both the scenarios. Legal heirs have to approach the Courts for obtaining Probate of Will depending on the jurisdiction the Will has been executed in and also according to the jurisdiction where the immovable assets are located. Whereas Succession Certificate has to be obtained from the jurisdiction where the deceased had his fixed place of residence.


We should be aware of our rights and where there is infringement of Legal Right there is always a Legal Remedy.

“जागो ग्राहक जागो” 

Different types of Grievances need different experts relating to poor quality of products and services and others.

We stand by the consumer to get their Rights back.


Don’t let your dream fade away. Are you a victim of Delay Possession, Non Completion of projects, Promised Amenities not provided, Poor Construction Quality and even beyond.

Raise your voice strongly with us and also resolve your Real Estate complex structure including Partition Deed, Succession, Title Claim & many more. 


K’Bros Finserv Associates provides a plethora of legal support services like Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, SEBI/SAT/NCLT litigation. We have a full service legal team from our partner firms  Attorneys & Advocates having presence across India to undertake Probate/Succession cases to enable transmission of the investments in favour of legal heirs. Our conveyancing team offering documentation services for sale/purchase of properties.


Estate planning is the process of planning and streamlining your financial affairs to enable smooth succession of your movable and immovable assets. Estate planning services offered by 

K’Bros Finserv Associates ensures the management of your estate during and beyond your lifetime and assists in planning your legacy to be passed on to your children. We have an expert and dedicated in-house team to help our valued clients form a structure to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime. Our experience in assisting many families over decades gives us an edge to visualize the specific needs of each clients’ family. Our services entail drafting of important documents like Will, POA, Gift deed, Deed of Transmission, Family Arrangements, Trust Deeds, etc.


An official gazette is a legal newspaper of a country, which publishes News laws, Decrees, Regulation, Legal notices, Court decisions etc.

For Public purpose any notification regarding Change Of Name, Religion, Sex, etc. compulsory need to be publication in Part IV of the official Gazette.

K’Bros Finserve Associates having professional expertise involving Gazette Publication and helps publishing in Official Gazette.


According to RBI data, as on 31 Dec 2020, 8.13 Cr of Bank Accounts not been operated for last 10 year. Such inoperative account holds approx. 24000 Cr as addressed by our Honorable  Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Rajya Sabha. 

To Safe guard such account holder RBI formed a Depositor Education and Awareness Fund (DEAF) Scheme in 2014. The Unclaimed amount along with the interest shall be transferred to this account.

K’BROs hand holds such account holders and account holders with litigated amount in the process of claim.


Our team at K’Bros Finserv Associates offers a convenient and hassle free way of reclaiming old unclaimed investments of NRIs/Foreign citizens in the Indian Capital Markets, Indian Mutual Funds Schemes and other government securities.We guide our NRI clients at every step of the reclamation process including obtaining PAN cards, NRE/NRO bank accounts, Demat accounts etc. so that they have all adequate documents to comply with government requirements for claiming such unclaimed investments. We also provide expert advice on taxation and FEMA/RBI compliances to enable NRIs to repatriate their money with adherence to Indian laws.